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Visitacion Valley/Schlage Lock Plan

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The Visitacion Valley/Schlage Lock Project

The Schlage Lock Project has been approved and is moving forward!



Public Hearings for the Schlage Lock Development Project have concluded (see table below for materials and presentations)!

The Board of Supervisors approved the project on July 22, 2014 and Mayor Ed Lee is expected to sign legislation on July 24, 2014.

Thank you for your participation!

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Download the project fact sheet.

2014 Schedule of Public Hearings for Approvals Process

Hearing Date and Information

Materials, General Topics & Links

Planning Commission
Thursday, May 8th

Hearing to Initiate Amendments

SFCTA (County Transportation Authority), CAC Meeting
Wednesday, May 28  Starting at 6pm
1455 Market St, 22nd Floor

Proposition K funds allocation discussion
Park, Recreation and Open Space Advisory
Committee (PROSAC)
Tuesday, June 3  Starting at 6:30pm
City Hall, Room 278
Parks acquisition discussion

Recreation & Parks Department, Capital Committee
Wednesday, June 4  Starting at 2pm
City Hall, Room 416

Parks acquisition discussion
Planning Commission
Thursday, June 5  Starting at 12pm
City Hall, Room 400
  Final Approval Action
SFCTA, Plans and Programs Committee
Tuesday, June 17  Starting at 10:00am
City Hall, Room 263
Proposition K funds allocation discussion
Recreation & Parks Commission
Thursday, June 19  Starting at 10am
City Hall, Room 416
Final Approval Action
Public Utilities Commission
Tuesday, June 24  Starting at 1:30pm
City Hall, Room 400
Final Approval Action
MTA (Municipal Transportation Agency) Board
Tuesday, June 24  Starting at 1pm
City Hall, Room 400
Final Approval Action
SFCTA (County Transportation Authority) Board
Tuesday, June 24  Starting at 11am
City Hall, Room 250
Final Approval Action
Board of Supervisors, GAO Committee Hearing
Thursday, June 26  Starting at 10:30am
City Hall, Room 263
Development Agreement Discussion
Board of Supervisors, Land Use Committee Hearing
Monday, June 30  Starting at 1:30pm
City Hall, Room 263
General, Planning Code, Zoning Map and Design Controls Amendments Discussion

Full Board of Supervisors
Tuesday, July 8  Starting at 2pm
City Hall, Room 250
First Reading of the Development Agreement, Planning Code, and General Plan Amendment Ordinances
Board of Supervisors
Tuesday, July 15 Starting at 2pm
City Hall, Room 250
Second Reading and Final Action
  • Materials and links forthcoming

Documents adopted by the Planning Commission and sent to Board of Supervisors for approval on June 5th

2012-2014 Community Engagement & Participation

October 2012

Community Workshop 1
Redevelopment update, community priorities, phase 1 development.

January 2013

Community Workshop 2
Summary of workshop #1, circulation, open space design, detailed phase 1 development.

May 2013

Community Workshop 3
Summary of workshop #2, final proposed site plan changes and new strategies, Leland Greenway programming.

March 2014
Community Workshop #4
Summary of workshop #3, review of final Plan changes and overview of Development Agreement and community benefits.

2013 - 2014

Advisory Body Meetings
Meetings open to the public.

Spring 2014

Plan Amendments


After the closure of the Schlage Lock factory in 1999, residents of Visitacion Valley partnered with City agencies and the Universal Paragon Corporation to develop a plan for the reuse and revitalization of this critical site in their community. Several years of analysis and an extensive community planning process concluded with the adoption of a Redevelopment Plan, zoning changes and a detailed master plan to guide change on the site.

However, the demise of Redevelopment Agency in early 2012, and the loss of public funding that accompanied it, requires a fresh look at the community’s goals for the site. The Planning Department is partnering with the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development and the community to evaluate the project’s feasibility, look at tools which can help move the project forward, and make necessary legislative changes to foster the site’s transformation.

City staff, along with its development partners at Universal Paragon, re-initiated efforts to move transformation of Schlage forward with a workshop on October 13th. Both attendance and enthusiasm were high as the community confirmed their highest priorities for the site, and gave feedback on a possible near-term project on the Schlage site. We hope you can join us for future workshops as outlined in the project timeline indicated above.

Click here to view community and public meeting summaries and download meeting materials from the Visitacion Valley/Schlage Lock planning process.

Summary & Project Background

Site Plan
Visitacion Valley site plan

Open Space
Visitacion Valley Open Space
  Click on thumbnail images
above to view larger files.

In 1999, the Schlage Lock Company decided to close its Visitacion Valley factory. The now-vacant site presents opportunities for new uses. Upon closure of the Schlage Lock plant, the Home Depot Company proposed to develop a store on the site. However, this proposal was met with opposition from some residents and business owners, who cited traffic and other concerns, as well as the incompatibility of the “big-box” use with the transit-friendly nature of the site and the fine-grained nature of the neighborhood.

From 2001-2002, after the Board of Supervisors passed interim zoning controls in 2000 on the site to prevent a “big-box” use, Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, the Planning Department and the non-profit Urban Ecology worked intensively with the community to create a new vision for the vacant Schlage Lock site. A Concept Plan was released in 2002 summarizing a community vision for that site.

From 2000-2002, city staff worked intensively with community members to create a new vision for the vacant Schlage Lock site. A Concept Plan was released in 2002 summarizing a community vision for the site. In 2005 the Board of Supervisors initiated a process to determine if a Redevelopment Area should be established on and around the Schlage site.

From August 2006 to 2009, five public workshops were held. The Planning Department worked closely with the community to refine the land use framework for the site; to create guidelines for the location and programming of new open spaces, to establish the street network; create sustainability guidelines, and finalize a site design that will ultimately guide Schlage Lock site’s redevelopment. For a summary of the community workshops click here. To read the Design for Development and other adopted documents from 2009, click here.

Since City adoption of the Plan, the Visitacion Valley Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) has continued to meet to discuss and comment on various aspects of the Plan’s implementation and to provide comments to Universal Paragon Corporation as it implements plans for the Schlage Lock site.


For any questions or feedback, please contact:

Claudia Flores
Planning Department Project Manager
(415) 558-6473

Emily Lesk
Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) Project Manager
(for more info visit OEWD's webpage)
(415) 554-6162


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