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Seal of the City and County of San Francisco
City and County of San Francisco

Use this map to find out about CEQA categorical, statutory and community plan exemptions recently issued by the City & County of San Francisco.

Please note that we are currently updating our database and some exemptions may not appear on this map. To find an exemption that may be missing, please utilize the Property Information Map or contact Laura Lynch.  

Further information about CEQA exemptions and the environmental review process can be found in the Environmental Review Process Summary and on the Environmental Planning home page. 

Amendments to Chapter 31 of the San Francisco Administrative Code that became effective as of September 25, 2013 require the establishment of an appeal timeline for CEQA exemptions. For private projects, the appeal period is 30 days after the first approval action. To find out the approval action associated with a project please refer to the exemption document itself.

The circles representing exemptions are placed in the center of each parcel affected. For large parcels, you may need to move the map to the center of the parcel to see the exemption. Click on any circle on the map for more information.

Exemptions (shown in blue on this map) remain on this page for approximately 35 days after the first approval action has been issued. After 35 days, these exemptions are removed.

To find an exemption that is no longer posted on this page please visit the Property Information Map.

For further information on a specific parcel or exemption, please contact Virnaliza Byrd by email at or by phone at (415) 575-9025.

Please enter project address below:

Exemptions for projects sponsored by public agencies are provided within the table below; many of these cover a wide geographical area and are not displayed on the map. Click on the 'More Details' button on any row in the table to view further information about the project including the Exemption determination document.  The appeal period for public projects is 30 days after the approval action. If the approval action is taken at a noticed public hearing, the date of the hearing marks the beginning of the appeal period. The appeal period for any project approved administratively (not at a noticed public hearing) is triggered by the posting of the date of approval within the table below. In the table below green dots designate closed projects, blue dots designate active projects.  Use the scroll bars to move down the table.

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The map and table are updated every night.

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