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Permit & Project Tracking System

Apply for a permit or project. Track your permit or project. Search for info and records...all on-line.
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Building the System: 2012-2014
System Testing and Staff Training: Spring/Summer 2014
System Live! Fall 2014

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Coming This Fall: A new online project and permit application and tracking system!

The San Francisco Planning Department and the Department of Building Inspection are currently working together on an online website for submitting and processing permits and applications. This exciting technical infrastructure project aims to consolidate multiple database systems into a single citywide permitting system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Permit & Project Tracking System?
PPTS will consolidate multiple database systems into a single permitting system. The new system will allow the public to track Planning applications and Building permits online, file certain types of applications and permits online, file complaints and search for general property information.

2. Which organizations are involved in the system’s development? 
The Planning Department of Building Inspection (DBI) are working with contractors Accela Automation and 21Tech to develop the software and implement the new program.

3. What is the current status of the system?
The current phase, from 2012 - 2014, includes building system interfaces, designing reports, converting historical data and developing testing and training programs.

4. When will the system be available to use?
The system is planned to go live in the fall of 2014.

5. How can I get information about the new system?
Please sign up in the Get Project Alerts box on this page to receive email updates on the project.

6. How is the public being informed about the project?
DBI and Planning staff provide their respective Commissions and the public with regular updates on the project status through reports at Commission hearings and at DBI’s monthly Public Advisory Committee meetings. Once the site is live, the team also plans to promote the new system via newspapers, radio, and social media.

7. What kind of Planning applications will be able to be submitted online?
Preliminary Project Assessments, Environmental Evaluations, Certificates of Appropriateness, Permits to Alter, Shadow Studies, and applications for In-Kind Agreements.

8. What kind of Building permits can be submitted online?
Certain electrical and plumbing permits will be able to be issued online, as they are today.

9. Who can use the online system to submit applications and permits?
All members of the public can access the online Permit & Project Tracking System through the internet. Public users will need to create an account in order to submit a permit or application, but not to file a complaint. Also, an account isn't required to search for information.

10. What are some of the other features of the new system?
a. More information will be available to the public.
b. GIS will be integrated into the system.
c. Fees will be able to be paid online. 
d. For building professionals and registered users, the system will track and manage their permits and applications.
e. Building Inspectors and Code Enforcement staff working in the field will be able to post inspection results online immediately.
f. Other DBI services such as 3R and Records will be available online.


How you can get involved:

Please sign up in the Get Project Alerts box (above) if you would like to receive updates on the project and/or attend one of the stakeholder meetings.

If you can't attend these demonstrations or any other public meetings, you can still stay informed by downloading the meeting presentations below:

March 20, 2013 Permit & Project Tracking System Public Presentation
February 19, 2014 Presentation Update to the Planning Commission


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