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Legislative Changes

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What are Legislative Changes?

The Legislative Affairs Division of the Planning Department reviews proposed legislative changes to the San Francisco Planning Code to ensure the Code is updated in a concise, logical, and coherent manner. The division analyzes all proposed changes to the Planning Code that are introduced by the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor’s Office.

Process for Legislative Change

There are three ways for legislation to be "initiated":

  1. Amendments Initiated by Elected Officials: Elected officials may introduce legislative changes at the Board of Supervisors. Land use related Ordinances are sent to the Planning Commission for their review prior to action at the Board of Supervisors. The Legislative Affairs staff prepare reports on these proposals for review by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission then offers a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

  2. Amendments Initiated by the Department: Citywide Policy planners engage in long-range planning with the community that may result in comprehensive plans and amendments to the City's codes. In addition, legislative changes may be initiated by the Commission or the Department and advanced by the legislative team. If approved by the Planning Commission, the proposed Ordinances are forwarded for hearing before the Board of Supervisors.

  3. Amendments Initiated by the Public: A member of the public may file an application for a legislative amendment by completing this form. Current planning staff will prepare the proposal for hearing by the Planning Commission. If approved by the Commission, the proposed Ordinance will be forwarded for hearing before the Board of Supervisors.

Developing Legislative Changes

The division also proactively develops legislative changes on request of the Commission or the Planning Department Director and shepherds those changes through the adoption process. The Legislative Affairs Manager coordinates the Department response to matters brought to hearing before the Board of Supervisors, including appeal and hearing response.

Emerging Issues and Proactive Initiatives

Proactive work currently under review or recently adopted initiatives include the following:

Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings

Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings

Care-Share Requirements and Guidelines

Car-Share Requirements & Guidelines

Privately-Owned Public Open Space and Public Art

Privately-Owned Public Open Space & Public Art

Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture

Board File No. 101537/Ord. No. 66-11  Effective Date: May 20, 2011
Restaurant and Bar Controls

Rationalizing Restaurant and Bar Controls

Bicycle Parking Requirements

Bicycle Parking Requirements

Formula Retail

Planning Study of Formula Retail

Appeals to the Board of Supervisors

The Legislative Affairs Manager coordinates the Department response to matters brought to hearing before the Board of Supervisors, including appeals and Board inquiries. Commission entitlements such as Conditional Use authorizations and CEQA determinations are appealable to the Board.

Who are the staff working on Legislative Affairs?

The Legislative Affairs Division is managed by AnMarie Rodgers. Aaron Starr, Kimia Haddadan and Diego Sánchez are legislative analysts. Planners from the larger Department may also work on legislative issues within their specialty. For questions about staffing, please contact AnMarie Rodgers at (415) 558-6395.

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