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April 28, 2011

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Meeting Minutes

Commission Chambers - Room 400

City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

Thursday, April 28, 2011

12:00 PM

Regular Meeting


COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Borden, Fong, Moore, Sugaya


STAFF IN ATTENDANCE: Kelley Amdur – Chief of  Neighborhood Planning, Scott Sanchez – Zoning Administrator, AnMarie Rodgers, Erika Jackson, Rick Crawford, Michael Jacinto, Glen Cabreros, Linda Avery – Commission Secretary



The Commission will consider a request for continuance to a later date.  The Commission may choose to continue the item to the date proposed below, to continue the item to another date, or to hear the item on this calendar.






All matters listed hereunder constitute a Consent Calendar, are considered to be routine by the Planning Commission, and will be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the Commission.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the Commission, the public, or staff so requests, in which event the matter shall be removed from the Consent Calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing


1.         2010.0277C                                                                         (S. Young:  (415) 558-6346)

2020 LOMBARD STREET - north side between Webster and Fillmore Streets; Lot 006 in Assessor’s Block 0492 - Request for Conditional Use Authorization under Sections 161(j) and 303 of the Planning Code to allow the elimination of a residential off-street parking space on the ground floor of a three-story mixed use building within the NC-3 (Moderate-Scale) Neighborhood Commercial District and a 40-X Height and Bulk District.  The residential off-street parking space, with approximately 150 square feet in floor area, is proposed to be converted to a retail commercial space. 

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

SPEAKERS:     None

ACTION:           Approved

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Fong, Moore, Sugaya

ABSENT:          Borden

MOTION:           18334


2.         2009.0718C                                                                               (B. FU: (415) 558-6613)

123 TOWSEND STREET - east side between 2nd and 3rd Streets, in Assessor’s Block 3794 and Lot 010 - Request for Conditional Use Authorization under Planning Code Sections  227(h), 842.93 and 303 to install up to six panel antennas and associated equipment cabinets on the building known historically as the Southern Pacific Warehouse and as part of a wireless transmission network operated by T-Mobile on a Location Preference Four (Preferred Location – Industrial or Commercial Structures) according to the Wireless Telecommunications Services (WTS) Siting Guidelines, within a MUO (Mixed Use, Office) Zoning District and a 105-F Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Conditions


SPEAKERS:     None

ACTION:           Approved

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Fong, Moore, Sugaya

ABSENT:          Borden

MOTION:           18335




Adoption of Commission Minutes – Charter Section 4.104 requires all commissioners to vote yes or no on all matters unless that commissioner is excused by a vote of the Commission.  Commissioners may not be automatically excluded from a vote on the minutes because they did not attend the meeting.


3.         Consideration of Adoption:


·         Draft Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 14, 2011.


SPEAKERS:     None

ACTION:           Approved

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Fong, Moore, Sugaya

ABSENT:          Borden


4.         Commission Comments/Questions

·         Inquiries/Announcements.  Without discussion, at this time Commissioners may make announcements or inquiries of staff regarding various matters of interest to the Commissioner(s).

·         Future Meetings/Agendas.  At this time, the Commission may discuss and take action to set the date of a Special Meeting and/or determine those items that could be placed on the agenda of the next meeting and other future meetings of the Planning Commission.

Commissioner Antonini:

I went to Denver last week. We often hear about learning from European cities about things to do in San Francisco. We can also learn from American cities. For one thing, this is a City and County. This is a little bit less dense. The population is about 600,000. 60 square miles of this is the airport and the law means that they have to include their airport in this City and the County.

The other interesting thing is that they have district supervisors and the column city council members. They have 11 districts, with a total of 13 and two at large. They have had it this way for 30 years. It is interesting that the number came out to be 11 or the district. The parking controls are minimal compared to the ones that we have, and we are obliged to put in residential parking. They want to minimize the surface parking lots, to put this underground or in a less visible location, but there is little traffic relative to San Francisco. There are many factors but one of them is that you can drive very easily without going through Denver, which is a little more difficult in San Francisco. It is noticeably clean as far as the streets. You do not see any graffiti and they are doing things right in that regard. I did spend a couple of days .I wanted to thank the Director that I spoke to at length, and I have a conversation with Steven Gordon, the Comprehensive Planning Manager for the City and County of Denver, the equivalent of the Planning Commission. We did see some homes that were for sale. There was this huge house that was eight hundred thousand dollars, and I do not know what the average sale price is. There are many factors you can convert your property from rental to an ownership at will, and there is no rent control. By will do more research on what is happening in Denver. We will find out what they' re doing right and try to learn from this, as a list of things that they are doing right that they could learn from us.

Commissioner Sugaya:

It has been a long time since we've heard a status report on Japantown planning. I had a meeting last week and this is up to the staff. I think that we will calendar something in the future. I do not know when this will be communicated to staff. They may want to bring something forward.  I would like ask to calendar something in the future.

Commissioner Miguel:

On the 20th, I attended the Inner Mission North Historic Resources Survey meeting, and this was interesting for a number of reasons. There were several staff members there, making presentations, with several tables of various sections within the survey. So it could explain these explicitly to those in attendance. This was on the staff of one of the Supervisors. I was there with three members of the public. They were holding another on Saturday, one member of the public asked three questions, and then we left. I will compliment the staff on one of the best presentations on historic survey, and I have been in a number of these public meetings. This is by far the best that I have seen. It was concise, the power slides were well done, showing the mapping and the examples it is a shame that this was wasted on a lack of public participation. In addition to that, I had discussions with people during the past week, on Hyde St. and Parkmerced and then an item that had been before us, one year ago or so, the extension of the Drew School, in California St., there was a dedication of the new extension, and the green wall is by far the best example he still had to throw in a lot, but this is the best example I have seen in San Francisco, I seen few elsewhere this is the best that I have seen, the assembly building works, and it was just nice to see something that you have reviewed and finding this come to fruition.

Commissioner Miguel:

I did have an appointment with AT&T last week I found it very informative and I know this Commission is bee concern about the wireless antennas and the master plan for these companies with the kind of hardware that is out there, what needs to happen, and let thought was most interesting, is that the handsets have exceeded the antenna technology. There is the need to upgrade its equipment throughout the City to get coverage. I would recommend taking this appointment as well.

Commissioner Fong:

 I attended the Monday evening dedication ______ -- and this was amazing, to really see the theater for the first time, with students performing and I saw this off-Broadway in New York. This was so amazing. This is fostering creativity in teaching, and I think everyone should go to performance. This looks like the most beautiful wildflower meadow and I am proud we helped to bring this along.

Commissioner Antonini:

I did have a meeting with the neighbors I think this is 1945 Hyde Street. This was a very interesting meeting with them last night. This is one of the homes approximating the property and I also attended the Drew School I was a little bit late. I was there but I was missing the meeting that was scheduled for the Planning Commissioners and others involved in the project. They had the prospective parents night, and this was 30 years too late. I like what they did their and this is very nice.

Commissioner Olague:

I wanted to ask staff a status on the eagle. I have an e-mail from members of the public and I think that this is an issue that the Historic Preservation Commission is looking at, and I would like some kind of a status, not that this is something that will come before us. But they were looking at a possible cultural status or something. Also, somebody asked me about, maybe this is something for another day. I know that Austin, Texas, there is a street dedicated tonight music and entertainment, Sixth Street. Years ago, there was a conversation starting with the 11th Street and establishing something similar there. This is something I wanted to explore a little bit more. It seems to me that it would be good to have a street, or something that is safe or nighttime use and entertainment. Also, I spoke earlier today with Mario Yedidia of the Youth commission. At some time, there would like to request a joint hearing, the talk about this issue, the experiences in terms of housing and other issues. This is something that the commissioners would look at. We have talked about family before here, and this is an issue that maybe we do not focus enough. This is something for July or August.

Commissioner Borden:

I wanted to support Commissioners Olague's request for the late night idea as well as the hearing on families.

Commissioner Antonini:

The late night idea whether could be at 11th or other place, like the Gas Lamp in San Diego, these are almost entirely entertainment, but it would be wonderful to have something like this.




5.         Director’s Announcements


Kelley Amdur:

The Director is out of town this week, attending a conference in New York City. I do not have too many announcements. I will remind everyone that the Department's staff is preparing the final edits to the presentation that we will be making before the Land Use Committee on Monday starting at 1:00 pm.  Supervisor Weiner had an issue for this meeting to discuss historic preservation issues and we have worked with their office throughout the week to prepare a presentation for that.  In regard to Eagle – the Historic Preservation Commission calendared an item for the project the first hearing in June. Maybe Linda Avery, Commission Secretary you could help me with the exact date. Specifically to clarify for the public, the aspects of the project related to preservation.


6.     Review of Past Week’s Events at the Board of Supervisors, Board of Appeals, and Historic Preservation Commission.


Board of Supervisors:


LAND USE COMMITTEE: The Land Use Committee’s informational hearings on Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island and Parmerced continued this week.

·         BF 110298 Parkmerced.  Last week the hearing at the Land Use Committee focused on transporationa, urban design, open space, and sustainability.  Staff led the Board Members and the public through an ambitious 100 slide presentation.  A good deal of the discussion centered on whether rent-control would remain in effect for future residents.  Staff from the Office of Workforce and Economic Development stated that they believe the City has a strong contractual development agreement to ensure there are enforceable provisions for rent-control that could be upheld in a court of law, emphasizing that no one from the office or the City Attorney’s office can guarantee the future.  The hearing was continued without action.  The Commission will consider action on the Parkmerced ordinances on or after May 16th.

·         BF 110314 Street Vacation Associated with North Beach Library.  This week the Committee heard an hour of public comment and continued the item without recommendation to June 7th.

·         Informational Hearing on Executive Park.  Staff provided a slide show generally encompassing the same material presented to Commissioners at their last two info hearing.  Staff discussed the history of the area, the proposed amendments to the Executive Park Subarea Plan, new zoning and the establishment of design guidelines.  Public comment to the Committee members was generally favorable.  The Committee continued the item as the call of the chair.


·         110147 Mission Streetscape Plan.  This item is a General Plan Amendment of the Mission Area Plan to reflect the Commission’s adoption of the Mission Streetscape Plan.  On January 20, 2011 the Commission adopted the Plan and adopted a resolution to amend the General Plan with this Ordinance.  While no Board action was required for the adoption of the Streetscape Plan itself, the Board does need to adopt the Ordinance to amend the General Plan.  Last week the Board passed the Plan on Final Reading.

·         CEQA Cat Ex Appeal of AT&T’s Lightspeed Project – This case involved appeal of the Department’s Cat Ex for 726 utility cabinets to be located in the public right-of-way for improved internet and new television services.  SF Beautiful and the Planning Assn. of the Richmond were the appellants.  They claimed the project did not fit within the definition of a Class 3 exemption and that it requires an EIR.  The appellants claimed the project would trigger exceptions because it there are “unusual circumstances” that would result in significant aesthetic, pedestrian, and cumulative impacts.

      The Department responded that these claims were not valid because the Class 3 allows the installation of small new equipment and facilities in small structures – which is not limited in number.  Also, the cabinets would be installed in the public ROW, which already supports similar utility structures throughout the City.  Therefore, the utility boxes could not be considered an “unusual circumstance.” The Department acknowledged that the project could have a negative aesthetic effect, but that it wouldn’t be so substantial to be considered “significant” under CEQA.  The Department maintained the cabinets are relatively small in size and would be widely dispersed throughout the City.  They would be viewed in the context of the existing urban background.  The Department contended that cumulative impacts would not occur in part because no other carrier is considering the installation of boxes in the ROW.

      This project is subject to DPW’s Surface-Mounted Facilities Order, which is a site-specific review process intended to minimize the impact of the utility facilities on areas such as aesthetics and pedestrian circulation.  The process allows for community review and comment on each cabinet location.  During the hearing, some Board members requested enforceable protocols to ensure that future siting of the cabinets would be responsive to community concerns.  Mainly on these grounds, the Board continued the vote on the matter to May 24.

·         There was a new ordinance introduced BF 110506 Limited Live Performance Permits. Introduced by Supervisor Mirkarimi.  Ordinance, that would amend the SF Police code, SF Planning Code, and the  SF Business and Tax Regulation Code to create a Limited Permit for indoor locations, whose primary function is not presentation of live performances, said permit to include noise, and hours restrictions but not necessarily security plan requirements; specifying application and license fees and hearing requirements for said permit.



Last week, the Board of Appeals heard three items that may be of interest to the Planning Commission:

3175 24th Street – An appeal of a building permit application to remove a general advertising sign.  The Appeallant (property owner) argued that they did not give authorization for the permit holder (sign company – CBS) to remove the subject general advertising sign and have no intent of abandoning the sign.  The Department argued that the sign was lawfully (including receipt of final inspection) and cannot be replaced.  The Board voted 3-2 to uphold the Department.

281 Turk Street – An appeal of a building permit application to establish a pharmacy at the subject property.  The Appellants raised concerns that the pharmacy would contribute to the proliferation of prescription drugs on the streets, in an area that has been called “pill hill.” While three of the five members of the Board were opposed to the project, they did not have the required four votes to overturn the permit.  The two members of the Board who supported the project requested adoption of conditions of approval proposed by the Police Department to address security concerns; however, they did not have the four votes required to modify the permit. Ultimately, the Board voted unanimously to approve the permit with conditions.

350 Mission Street – An appeal made by the adjacent property at 50 Beale Street of the Commission’s (unanimous) approval of Section 309 exemptions (specifically exemptions for bulk and tower separation). The Board voted 4-1 to uphold the Commission’s decision.


Historic Preservation Commission:

No report – It did not meet this week.




At this time, members of the public may address the Commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission except agenda items.  With respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the Commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting.  Each member of the public may address the Commission for up to three minutes.


SPEAKERS:     Tom Radulovich

                                    Re: 25-35 Dolores St. – Thanked Commission for their votes




7.         2010.1121T                                                                   (A. Rodgers:  (415) 558-6395)

Parking in South of Market and Mission Bay -  The Commission will consider a proposed Ordinance introduced by Supervisor Daly amending the San Francisco Planning Code by amending Sections 151, 151.1, 155, 161, 249.1, 249.23 and Part VII of Article 9 (1) to remove minimum parking requirements and establish maximum parking limits in M-1, C-M, and South of Market districts and the Folsom and Main Residential/Commercial and Fourth and Freelon Streets Special Use Districts to make them consistent with those of neighboring districts, (2) to require that non-residential and non-hotel parking in C-3 in the South of Market Mixed Use districts adjacent to Downtown maintain a fee structure which discourages long-term commuter parking, (3) to make parking controls in the Mission Bay Districts that are subject to the Planning Code consistent with requirements of neighboring districts; and adopting findings, including environmental findings, Section 302 findings, and findings of consistency with the General Plan and priority policies of Planning Code Section 101.1.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Modifications of Proposed Ordinance to Board of Supervisors.

(Continued from Regular Meeting of February 10, 2011)


SPEAKERS:     Tom Radulovich, Corinne Woods

ACTION:           Approved as amended

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Fong, Moore, Sugaya,

NAYES:            Antonini

ABSENT:          Borden



8.         2010.1162C                                                                    (E. Jackson:  (415) 558-6363)

741 VALENCIA STREET - east side between 18th and 19th Streets; Lot 090 in Assessor’s Block 3589 - Request for Conditional Use Authorization, pursuant to Planning Code Sections 121.2, 303, 316, 726.24, and 726.41, to convert an existing single-story office building to a new Full-Service Restaurant & Bar Establishment with an Outdoor Seating Area (dba Tacolicious) that exceeds the use size limitations for the Zoning District.  The Project is approximately 4,064 square feet, including the Outdoor Activity Area.  The project is located within the Valencia Street Neighborhood Commercial Transit District (Valencia NCT), a 55-X Height and Bulk District, and the Mission Alcoholic Beverage Special Use Subdistrict. 

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Conditions


SPEAKERS:     In Favor: Antelmo Faria, David Coles, Roberto Hernandez, Jared Rivera, Noe Arcangel, Manuel Ramirez, Theresa Pasion, Armando Macneil,

ACTION:           Approved as amended

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Borden, Fong, Moore, Sugaya,

MOTION:           18337


9.         2011.0085C                                                                 (R. Crawford:  (415) 558-6358)

1760 OCEAN AVENUE - north side of Ocean Avenue at Dorado Terrace, Block 3283, Lot 195 - Request for Conditional Use Authorization under Planning Code Sections 121.2, and 737.21, use size and 703.4, formula retail to allow a 15,312 square foot, formula retail establishment, CVS Pharmacy store, to be developed in the existing building within the Ocean Avenue Neighborhood Commercial Transit Oriented District, and 45-X Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Conditions


SPEAKERS:     Andrew Junius, representing Project Sponsor, Charlie Dobbs, Dolly Sithounnolat, Allison Lanney

ACTION:           Approved

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Borden, Fong, Moore, Sugaya,

MOTION:           18338


10.        2011.0084C                                                                 (R. Crawford:  (415) 558-6358)

701 PORTOLA DRIVE - south side of Portola Drive, Block 2901C, Lot 001 - Request for Conditional Use Authorization under Planning Code Sections 121.1 and 710.11, lot size, 121.2 and 710.21, use size, 703.4, formula retail and 228.2 service station conversion to allow demolition of a service station and a 10,000 square foot, formula retail establishment, CVS Pharmacy store, to be constructed on a 7,800 square foot lot within the NC-1, Neighborhood Commercial Cluster District, and 26-X Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Conditions


SPEAKERS:     Andrew Junius, representing Project Sponsor, Kathleen Dooley, Neutral: Gary Noguera

ACTION:           Approved with the addition of CEQA Findings and that the project sponsor continue working with Department staff on design

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Borden, Fong, Moore, Sugaya,

MOTION:           18339


11.        2010.1118DD                                                              (R. CRAWFORD: (415) 558-6358)

952 MISSION STREET - north side between 5th and 6th Streets; Lot 017 in Assessor’s Block 2704 - Mandatory Discretionary Review for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary, pursuant to Planning Code Section 217(k) of Building Permit Application No. 2010 1222 7171, proposing to develop a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (dba Grass Roots Cannabis) on the ground floor of an existing building.  This project lies within a C-3-G (Downtown, General Commercial) District, and within the 160-F Height and Bulk District.  A separate request for Discretionary Review has also been filed by a member of the public against the project.

Preliminary Recommendation:  Do not take Discretionary Review and approve


SPEAKERS:     In favor: Jack Gardner, Khusail Nair, Jay Singh, Patrick McNerney, Jill Helffenstein, Terence Hallinan, Ernest Tachiharia, Brandon Hallinan, Terry Ausitng, Thomas Sparks

ACTION:           Following testimony, continued to June 9, 2011; the public hearing remains open

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Borden, Moore

NAYES:            Fong and Sugaya


4:00 PM





            At this time, members of the public who wish to address the Commission on agenda items that have already been reviewed in a public hearing at which members of the public were allowed to testify and the public hearing has been closed, must do so at this time.  Each member of the public may address the Commission for up to three minutes.


            SPEAKERS:     Richard Fong




12.        2006.0868E                                                                      (M. JACINTO: (415) 575-9033)

800 PRESIDIO AVENUE - southeast corner of Presidio Avenue and
Sutter Streets (Assessor's Block 1073, Lot 13) - Certification of Final Environmental Impact Report - The project sponsors, Booker T. Washington Community Services Center and Equity Community Builders, LLC, propose to demolish the existing 12,600-square-foot Booker T. Washington Community Services Center building, presumed an historic resource for purposes of environmental review, and to construct a mixed-use structure, which would replace and enlarge the community/recreation center and include new residential uses. The project would encompass about 68,206 square feet of space on six levels, five above grade and one below at a height of 55 feet along Presidio Avenue. The roughly 20,726 square-foot community center space would accommodate the center’s current and future programs and would include a gymnasium, meeting space, and several classrooms. The project also comprises a total of 50 affordable residential units, including 24 units for emancipated foster youth, 24 affordable units for persons earning up to 60 percent of area median income, and two units for onsite building managers. The project proposes 21 parking spaces in a basement garage accessible from Sutter Street. The project requires amendments to the Planning Code to establish a “Presidio-Sutter Affordable Housing Special Use District,” subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors to reclassify the site’s height limit from a 40-X height and bulk district to up to a 55-X height and bulk district, and to increase the residential density beyond permitted limits established by the Planning Code. The project would also request exceptions to Planning Code provisions related to street trees, rear yard, usable open space and dwelling unit exposure through a Planned Unit Development subject to Conditional Use authorization by the Planning Commission.

Preliminary Recommendation: certify the Environmental Impact Report

NOTE: The public review period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report is closed. The Planning Commission does not conduct public review of Final EIRs. Public comments on the certification may be presented to the Planning Commission during the public comment portion of the Commission calendar.


SPEAKERS:     In Favor: Ava Benezra, Tom Radulovich, Ronald Townsend, Donald Clark, James McCray, Jr., Regina Davis, Chris Jackson, Derek, L. Toliver, Gail Gilman, Shanell Williams, Gail Goldman, Vanessa Manzanares, Thuy Nyguen, Ben Robertson, Lauren Tom, Eban E. Cambridge, Murrell Green, Winston Parsons, Michael Sesich, Philip L. Stone, Lurrell A. Dean, Sam Suddeback, Mildred Simmons, Richard Wu, Sherilyn Adams, Jaclyn Grant, Ruth Clay, Robert Chrisman, Steven Shum, Julia Sullivan, Jacinta Abcarian, Tobias Hirano, Naomi Fierro, Mario Yedidia, Deanne Pearn, Gerald Hall, Alice Barkley, Pat Scott, Larry Griffin, Steve Perry, Brad Paul; Opposed: John Manley, Kevin Sinclari, Hiroshi Fukuda, Jon Kaufman, Ronald Kardon, Rob Kostow, Catherine Carr, Andrea Alfonso, Rose Hillson, Daniel Stroh, Barry Brown, Elaine Lugo,

ACTION:           Approved Certification of Final EIR

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Borden, Moore, Sugaya

RECUSED:       Fong

MOTION:           18340




13a.      2006.0868CEKTZ                                                        (G. Cabreros:  (415) 558-6169)

800 Presidio Avenue - east side between Sutter and Post Streets, Lot 013 in Assessor's Block 1073 - Consideration of a proposed ordinance introduced by Supervisor Farrell requesting Rezoning and Text Amendments to the Planning Code and Zoning Map to establish the Presidio-Sutter Special Use District (SUD) in association with a proposed community center and affordable housing project pursuant to Planning Code Sections 302 and 306.  The Planning Code Text Amendment would establish the Presidio-Sutter SUD by adding Planning Code Section 249.53.  The SUD would allow dwelling unit density and building height bonuses for projects with an affordable housing component beyond the amount required by the Planning Code.  Zoning Map Amendments would include (1) establishing the Presidio-Sutter SUD at Lot 013 in Assessor’s Block 1073 on Zoning Map Sheet SU03 and (2) amending the height limit from 40-X to 40-X/55-X on Zoning Map Sheet HT03. 

Preliminary Recommendation:  Recommend Adoption


SPEAKERS:     In Favor:  Alice Barkley – representing the Project Sponsor, Pat Scott and Larry Griffith – Project Team, Steve Peam – Project Architect, Brad Paul, Ava Benezra – Youth Commissioner, Naomi Fierro – Youth Commissioner, Tobias Hiraho – Youth Commissioner, Mario Yedidia – Staff Director of the Youth commission, Barry Brown, Deanne Pearn, Sherilyn Adams, Jaclyn Grant, Rev. Arnold Townsend, James McCray, Jr., Richard Wu, Julie Sullivan, Jacinda Abcarian, Ruth Clay, Mildred Simmons,, Robert Christian, Tom Radulovich, Gail Goldman, Britney Scott, Eric Tollman, Sam Williams, Morrell Green, Eban Cambridge, Lauren Tom, Ben Roberts, Winston Darson, Phillip Stone, Lurrell Dean, Sam Cuddenback, Claudia Mindy, Dan Winton; Opposed: Michael Seska, John Manhy, Kevin Sinclair, Hiroshi fukuda, Bob Kostow, Catherine Carr, Andrea Alfonso, Rose Hillson, Andrea Ahonses, Donald Stroh, Barry Brown, Elaine Lago, Jon Kaufman, Ronald kardon

ACTION:           Approved

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Borden, Moore, Sugaya

NAYES:            Antonini

RECUSED:       Fong

MOTION:           18341


13b.      2006.0868CEKTZ                                                        (G. Cabreros:  (415) 558-6169)

800 Presidio Avenue - east side between Sutter and Post Streets, Lot 013 in Assessor's Block 1073 - Request for Conditional Use Authorization under Planning Code Sections 303, 304 and 306 to demolish the existing community center (Booker T. Washington Community Services Center) and to construct a Planned Unit Development including a new community center and an affordable housing residential building.  The project proposes a 55 foot, 50-unit residential building with a basement level garage and a community center with mixed uses including a gymnasium within the RM-1 (Residential, Mixed, Low Density) District, the proposed Presidio-Sutter Special Use District and a proposed 40-X/55-X Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Conditions


SPEAKERS:     Same as item 13a

ACTION:           Approved

AYES:              Olague, Miguel, Borden, Moore, Sugaya

NAYES:            Antonini

RECUSED:       Fong

MOTION:           18342




At this time, members of the public may address the Commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission except agenda items.  With respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the Commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting with one exception.  When the agenda item has already been reviewed in a public hearing at which members of the public were allowed to testify and the Commission has closed the public hearing, your opportunity to address the Commission must be exercised during the Public Comment portion of the Calendar.  Each member of the public may address the Commission for up to three minutes.


The Brown Act forbids a commission from taking action or discussing any item not appearing on the posted agenda, including those items raised at public comment.  In response to public comment, the commission is limited to:


(1)  responding to statements made or questions posed by members of the public; or

(2)  requesting staff to report back on a matter at a subsequent meeting; or

(3)   directing staff to place the item on a future agenda.  (Government Code Section 54954.2(a))




Adjournment: 6:59 PM


Adopted:   May 26, 2011


Last updated: 5/27/2011 2:14:14 PM