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December 9, 2010 - Special Meeting

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Special Meeting Minutes


Thursday, December 9, 2010

6:00 PM


San Francisco State University

1600 Holloway Avenue (Near 19th Avenue)

McKenna Hall (Theatre) – Creative Arts Building



COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:  Miguel, Olague, Antonini, Borden, Fong, Moore, and Sugaya




STAFF IN ATTENDANCE:  John Rahaim – Director of Planning, Joshua Switzky, Elizabeth Watty, and Linda Avery – Commission Secretary.





1.                                                                                    (J. SWITZKY: (415) 575-6815)

PARK MERCED MIXED-USE PROJECT OVERVIEW AND DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT – INFORMATIONAL ONLY - Parkmerced is generally bounded by 19th Avenue to the east, Lake Merced Boulevard to the west, Holloway Avenue to the north, and Stanley Boulevard to the south.  The proposed project includes those lots owned by Parkmerced Investors, LLC, and includes Assessor’s Blocks 7303, 7303A, 7308-311, 7314, 7316, 7319-26, 7330-45, 7333 A-B, 7333E & 7353-7373.  Parkmerced is a rental housing complex constructed between 1941-1951 consisting of approximately 3,200 existing residential units and owned by Parkmerced Investors, LLC.  This is an Informational Hearing to provide an overview of the proposed project components and draft Development Agreement. Specific topics to be discussed at this session include transportation and housing (including rent and tenant relocation considerations). The project, which would be implemented over 20-30 years in multiple phases, includes the addition of approximately 5,700 net new residential units, the demolition and replacement of approximately 1,800 existing units which would remain subject to the San Francisco Rent Stabilization Ordinance, rent-protections and relocation rights for existing tenants, re-alignment and re-design of streets and blocks, re-alignment and improvement of the M Ocean View light rail line, the addition of new neighborhood serving retail and office space, new and re-configured public open spaces including neighborhood parks, pedestrian and bike paths, athletic fields, a new organic farm, and community gardens, overall transportation improvements, ecological hydrology improvements, and provision of renewable energy and water infrastructure. The draft Development Agreement would become the binding legal contract between the City and the Developer and would memorialize all of the public benefits and obligations of the Developer and associated agreements between both parties toward implementation of the Project.

Preliminary Recommendation: No Action Requested. Informational Discussion Only.


SPEAKERS:     In opposition to the project:  John Jweinint, Mark Christensen, Robert Pender, William Toth, John Brerzi, Monty Jacobson, Mike Vezzali, ronaldo Vezzali, Julian Lagos, Fiona Zhong, Dianne Tomlinson, Aaron Goodman, Healani Ting, Lora Traveler, Howard Strassner, Linh Lee, Steve Heide, Michele Diamond, Andrci Zclentsovsky, Garfield Powell, Paula Claudine, Dean Preston, William Faust, Gil Zilberstein, John Scott, Maria Elena Esgles, Polly Marshall, Mitchelle Omerberg, Michell Barrionuero-Mazzini, Julie Brook, Norman Hendy, Cathy Lentz, Dr. Terence Faulkner, Denis Norrington, Michael Russon, Nelly Delgado, Mark Hammon Lee Parmelee, Kevin Murphy, German McNeal, Robin Horner, Monty Graves, Robley Passalacour, Eric Brooks, Lynn Velman, Hiroshi Fukuda, Rose Hillson, Jamal Ahmed, M. K. Venkatachar, and Nikki Crump-Hanskel; In support of the project:  Mohammad Said, Joe Grubb, Arne Larson, Mike Smith, Jeannie Scott, Brett Martin, Jeff Bronca, Annette Larkin, Grace Shananan, Tim Colen, Gina Teichert, Elizabeth Keith, Anne Marie Brattan, and Scott Killpack

ACTION:           Informational only – no action


Adjournment:    10:07 p.m.


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